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Your wellness journey starts with the ultimate adaptogenic herbal drink.

Gratis Blends Benefits 

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Stress and Anxiety Support

Ashwhagandha and Lemon balm works wonders to ease the mind of stress, promote better sleep, and alleviate discomfort the perfect combo for unparalleled relaxation. 

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Energy and Stamina Support

Maca is well known in the fitness realm as a powerful energy booster and strength enhancer. It’s also a great adaptogen to manage stress, anxiety, and depression. 

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Brain and Immune Support

Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps are known for their substantial capabilities for boosting immunity and brainpower, a proven remedy for overall enhanced functioning.

Free Yourself from Stress

Living in constant search for perfection, peak performance, and competition can easily drain your energy and make you feel disconnected. Somewhere between scaling the career ladder, maintaining a social life, and making the most of each adventure, you may find yourself lost in the black hole of stress, filling your routine with bad habits that affect your wellness. Use the worlds oldest remedies to free yourself today!

The Secret To Supporting Your Wellness Lies In Herbs

Harnessing nature’s wealth, we have created some fast-acting adapotgenic herbal blends formulated to promote serenity and mental clarity while supporting your inner energy and balance.

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How To Use Gratis Blends

 Suppose you wish to take a break, unwind, and come back to the game with maximum calmness and focus. In that case, all you have to do is follow three simple steps:

Step 1

Take one scoop of your Gratis Blends – if you feel overstressed, you can double the dose for optimum support

Step 2

Add 8oz-20oz of water and blend well

Step 3

Mix it with your tea or smoothie if you want to spice things up

Drink Gratis at Anytime

Enjoy our drink when you wake up in the morning to fill your day with calm vibes, or add it to your nighttime routine and sip it before going to bed. 

Using The Wisdom Of The Past To Face Today's Challenges

Long before we started dealing with anxiety in our modern society, our ancestors had already found a way to cope with its side effects

Based on these ancient wellness methods and remedies, we take full advantage of natural ingredients – known for their beneficial properties for years – to help you enhance your daily routine and tap into your potential.

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How Can Gratis Blends Help You?

Achieve Equilibrium

Implementing our blends into your daily life may get you one step closer to your personal balance and help you attain optimum homeostasis.

Peaceful State Of Mind

Quiet the storm in your head after a heavy scheduled program and infuse your days with a dose of tranquillity.

Keep Anxiety At Bay

Stress doesn’t have to be the protagonist in your life. Our drink will help you lower your anxiety levels and experience a better routine both mentally and physically.

Time To Live The Life You Deserve

Place your order now and enjoy a free wellness ebook with every $75-worth purchase!

Realigning the Mind Body & Soul Interactive Ebook
Realigning the Mind Body & Soul Interactive Ebook

Realigning the Mind Body & Soul Interactive Ebook


Some of the most common mental imbalances we all confront at some points are Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. Most of us think they are all the same but they are not. They are closely connected to each other and it is completely normal to have them in our lives. However, everything is normal when it does not exceed the limit. Conditions like these may sometimes increase to a drastic quantity affecting our brains and bodies badly.

In this E-Book you will get a deeper understanding of 

- What is Stress?

- Causes of Different Mental Health

- Right and Wrong ways to Cope with Stress

and other illnesses

- What are adaptogens herbs? And how they can help you

- 6 Breathing Exercises to Lower Stress

We all need stress in our lives to survive and in fact, it is not an illness but it is a useful condition that helps us survive problems. Without stress, our lives would be very dull and unexciting. However, more emotional stress than normal can cause physical illness such as high blood pressure, ulcers, or even heart disease; physical stress from work or exercise is unlikely to cause such ailments. In fact, physical exercise can help you to relax and to handle your mental or emotional stress.

Following a healthy daily routine keeps you busy in the productive work and decreases your contact with stress and other conditions. Follow our 6 relaxation exercises daily to keep yourself calm and positive. This helps in long term health.Learn more about stress and relaxation in this 2022 Ebook!

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Why Add Gratis Blends To Your Lifestyle?

100% Organic & Caffeine Free Drink

We have combined the finest organic ingredients to develop a wellness drink that – unlike coffee – will serve as a source of support for your daily tasks without causing jitters and caffeine crashes.

Herbs-Rich Recipe

Treat yourself to a premium blend of lemon balm, maca, and other healing herbs to lift your mood and boost your performance.

Been There, Felt That

Our team consists of entrepreneurs, artists, former athletes – all people who have experienced the same high-anxiety effect and work hard to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

What Our Customer Say?

Super Model 

"I like how [Gratis Blends] gives you a pure energy feeling... I never feel too jumpy or wired or anything when I take it. I felt energized and calm at the same time"

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Abdoulaye Niang 

Actress & Model 

"[Gratis Blends] tasted way better than I expected and it actually works too! A lot of health drinks are hard to drink but this is an easy add to my morning routine."

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Blessin Giraldo 

Pro Basketball Player

"I took [Gratis Blends] before a work out and I felt in the moment, not focused on the wear and tear at all. It's like [with Gratis Blends] you don't even need pre work out for real."

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Brian "Big Baby" Williams 

Don’t Let Stress Hold You From Living Your Best Life

Enjoy your Gratis Blends drink and keep your spirits high & your anxiety low. Cheers!

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